martes, 24 de julio de 2012

PIGS Neues Buch von Cristian Loaiza mit S.O.P.A Verlag

we are presenting:
the poetry anthology "PIGS" by Cristian Loaiza. Introducing to the Berlin audience the independent poetry project from Guatemala; S.O.P.A. (Sociedad Optativa de Poetas Anonimos) with some Guatemalan guests coming from Italy and Austria, Simon Pedroza presenting the books "PLURALE/PLURAL by David Majano and "EL HOMBRE PEZ" by UIP.

Performances by Eki, Cristian Forte y Teatro sin Organos, Visual Poetry "PIG17 el cerdoesunsuicida",
Musik by Leandro Uria, Gaby & Nacho, Alex Spree,readings by Simon Pedroza, Rery Maldonado, Alfonso, Sputnik and more.................
see you there and be prepared.......